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ANTHOLOGY SUBMISSION REQUEST - Moderated FTM Forum [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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ANTHOLOGY SUBMISSION REQUEST [Jan. 28th, 2008|10:52 am]
Moderated FTM Forum


Hey Guys,

I am working on this little project. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions, comments or concerns.



Call for Submissions

We are now seeking submissions for an edited volume on reflective experiences of significant others, family members, friends and allies (SOFFAs) of transgender and/or gender variant individuals. This anthology is designed to be a resource for  transgender and/or gender variant communities while serving to reach and support SOFFAs as they watch a loved one transition or journey through gender non-conformity. We are also interested in individuals who have entered into a relationship with a transgender person who is post transition. This volume seeks to offer quality “think-alouds” on the relationships between transgender and/or gender variants and their loved ones, with the philosophy that there is no single right answer to how a SOFFA should feel or process their emotions, identifies or feelings. This anthology is designed to be a positive resource for the transgender and/or gender variant community and their SOFFAs. We encourage the submissions to be respectful, but also for SOFFAs to document their pain, frustration, confusion and identity struggles.  The transition or gender non-conformity journey of a loved one often generates an individual journey for SOFFAs that has yet to be documented. This process may be extremely difficult or wonderfully beautiful, we would like representation of both.

We are interested in narratives and stories of personal reflection, transformation, identity challenge and overall development regarding the connection to a transgender and/or gender variant person(s). Significant others, family members, friends, allies (SOFFAs), co-workers, teachers, and medical professionals of transgender and/or gender variant individuals are encouraged to submit pieces. We are looking for thoughtful and authentic responses/personal narratives/stories(1,200-3,000 words).

Questions for SOFFAs to consider for submission:

-How has my identity transformed as my loved one has changed?

-What have I realized during my trans loved one’s transition?

-How has my loved one’s body image issues impacted me?

-Do I have a story that sums up my relationship with my trans loved one? (pre, post or non-transition)

-What were my biggest fears when my loved one shared their trans identity with me?

-What are my biggest fears as a parent of a trans kid?

-What has been helpful in processing my own emotions, identity and realizations as it relates to my trans loved one?

-As a significant other, what terms have I used to identify myself and describe my relationship with a trans/gender variant person?

-How can I talk about my loved one’s experience to others without negating his/her identity?

-What are some of the ways I have resolved my identity issues as a SOFFA?


We are interested in all types of relationships including monogamous, poly, gay, straight, queer, bisexual, transgender individuals in relationships with other transgender individuals, student/teacher, client/professional, clergy, etc. The goal is to have a collective mix of experiences.


We are not interested in:

Poetry, fiction, paintings, drawings, sculpture


Submission Guidelines:

-Please send submissions to asoffa@gmail.com, subject line SOFFA

-Please send work in an attachment

-12-point courier

-Include 55-65 word bio to appear in the contributor’s notes section if your work is accepted

-No previously published or simultaneously submitted material.

-1,200-3,000 words.

-Submissions must be received by March 1, 2008 to be considered.


The editors and longtime friends, Cameron Thomas Whitley and Eleanor A. Hubbard, Ph.D. have extensive personal and professional experience with the transgender and/or gender non-conforming communities. Cameron is a trans guy currently living in NYC and working as a financial officer. While in college Cameron founded a student support/social group for gender non-conformers. He has severed as a board member for several non-profit organizations advocating for transgender awareness and equality. Utilizing his passion for social awareness and trans issues he has presented at several national conferences. Eleanor Hubbard recently retired from her post as a Senior Instructor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She was well noted for her courses relating to the intersections of sex, gender, sexuality, race and the media. Beyond teaching, she is the Founder and CEO of DiversityWorks, a Diversity Training and Consulting Firm. Eleanor and Cameron joined forces to create this book as they both recognized a gap in the literature to help significant others, family members, friends and allies come to terms with the transition or gender non-conformity of a loved one.


[User Picture]From: blkdykegoddess
2008-01-28 09:56 pm (UTC)
I attempted to send you this message via email but it go sent back so I'll try here:

Hello Cameron Thomas Whitley and Eleanor A. Hubbard, Ph.D.
My name is Natalie Patrice Tucker and I've edited an anthology called Desire in Transition: An anthology by, for and about partners and potential partners of trans(gender/sexual), intersex, and gender queer people. I've been working on creating the manuscript and getting it published since 2001. Today it is an amazing resource with 46 pieces from 37 authors who run the gamut of abilities, identities, races, and locales.The manuscript is complete except for an introduction and I'm giving a second look at the order of pieces as I package it for query to Manic D press. It's been rejected by Seal Press (albeit very encouragingly) and has been on the desk at Suspect Thoughts Press for a while now. I say all of this to see if there are some ways that we could be of service to one another. I'm committed to having this resource be available as soon as possible and to the widest audience possible. You can see a copy of the original call for papers at http://nataliepatrice.com. Let me know if you'd like to see the manuscript or permission agreements.

All my best,
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