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Moderated FTM Forum
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Moderated FTM Forum
Target Participants:

ftm_moderated is a moderated forum for all female-to-male (FTM) and FTM-questioning individuals and their friends, partners, and other supporters.

Purpose of Community:

The purpose of ftm_moderated is to provide a moderated online community for peer-to-peer support, advice and information about FTM-related topics.

FTM defined:

For the purpose of this community, the term "FTM" means anyone who was assigned a female gender at birth and who feels, or questions, that that is an incorrect or incomplete description of their gender. This community does not aim to determine who is or is not FTM. If you say you are FTM, or a friend or ally of FTMs, then your word is taken at face value. If you are questioning whether you are FTM, this community can provide guidance, but ultimately it is your decision to make.

Community Rules:

1. No personal attacks on others.

2. No transphobia or other blatant hate speech.

3. Long posts (over 40 lines), images and videos should be placed behind a cut tag.

4. Keep posts related to FTM issues.

5. Topics you post here should be things that might be of benefit or use to others in the community. Things that are only of a personal nature should be posted in your personal journal.

6. Keep it clean, people of all ages are welcome in this community.

7. You may delete your own posts or comments, however do not abuse this feature by using it to harass another user via the email forwarding feature. If someone is doing this to you, please contact moderation.

8. LiveJournal allows users to delete, screen or freeze other users' comments on posts that we initiate. Please do not do this in this community. If you are being harassed by another user in the comments of your posts, please contact moderation to deal with it.

9. Do not disable comments on posts you initiate. The purpose of a forum is to discuss things. We can't do that if comments are disabled.

Blatant hate speech defined:

Blatant hate speech is defined as intentionally using language to negatively describe, comment-on, flame, talk-about, etc a group of people. The key here is the intent. We recognize that there are many words and phrases in our everyday language that facilitate and perpetuate hate. We also recognize that many people are ignorant and often don't intend to be hateful with their language. When this happens in the community, we ask that community members use it as an opportunity to inform and educate rather than as an excuse for a flame war. We strongly believe that the best way to combat hate is to start with ourselves and our own conduct and use of language.

Personal attacks defined:

It's difficult to pin down an exact definition of a personal attack because it's a personal experience that others may not see. A good question to ask yourself before posting something directed at a specific individual is 'why am I posting this?' If the honest answer is to somehow make the other person look bad personally then it's probably an attack and you shouldn't post it or you should re-word it. The moderation will have the final say on the matter of personal attacks. If you feel you've been attacked please contact the moderation. We ask that our members help us create and maintain a mature and safe* environment for the exchange of information among peers and friends.

* A word on safety:

The extent to which this community offers safety is to, basically, create a flamewar-free-zone. Users are reminded that this group is still in a public place on the internet where anyone can read and gather information about you.

Contacting the Moderation:


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